Nepali Cooking Course

Nepali Cooking Course

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The Nepali staple consists primarily of rice, wheat, corn, lentils coupled with fresh vegetables and meats. A typical Nepali every-day meal can be characterized by Dal (lentil soups), Bhat (steamed rice) and Tarkari (vegetable preparations), also known as "The Trinity", supplemented by some meat preparations. Typical Himalayan dishes include Dals (lentils preparations), Tarkaris (curried vegetables or meats), Bhutuwas (stir-fried meats or vegetables), Sekuwas (grilled meats or vegetables), Sel rotis (ring bread preparations),MOMO's (stuffed dumplings), Thukpas and Chow-Chows (Himalayan stewed and stir-fried noodles),Quantees (meat or vegetable stews with sprouted beans), Achars(chutney preparations), Chiya (spiced or regular tea), and many others. Many Nepali dishes .

Make Food. Make Friends.

Nepali Cooking Course

Learn to cook tasty Nepali snacks in typical Nepali home in Kathmandu and learn some useful Nepali language too.


Morning Class
7.00 am pickup at Thamel and drive 15 minutes on car at our new place

=Tea followed by simple cooking class
=Eat your home prepared food with new friends
=Each day one hour Nepali language course.
=1.00 approx. finishing time.


Afternoon Class
2pm pickup take to our cooking spot welcome tea
Make food have taste and finish around 6.30pm

Per Person - 3000 Rupees  (Included transportation, foods and class)

Group in 7 for 1 person Free

Full Day Course
Making Dal Bhat Curry Momo and pickle or make celebration bread, rice pudding and curry. (9:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Per Person - 5000 Rupees  (Included transportation, foods and class)

We have more days, cooking class from different diversity of Nepal geographically and community based food items. Likewise lunch, dinner, snacks, festival, celebration and weeding vegetarian, non-vegetarian, fruits and milk food items.

Two Days
Three Days
Five Days
You can learn more like: allu daam, alu paratha, somosa (potato and veg. items).

Six Days
You can learn more like: veg. or non veg., newari snacks & meat items for eg: Bara, chatamari and yomari.

Seven Days
You can learn, how to make local beer (Chhyang, Jand) made from any one like: rice, millet, corn, wheat and fruits too.

Places limited
Booking essential
Learn more than you expect

Other Classes

Nepali Language
Cultural Dance Training
Language Class
(On going Plan and extra class on your interest)


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