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Typical & Local Stone Spice Grinder

Lentils (Daal)

Ingredients for lentils
- Black and red lentils(200 gm)
- Garlic(4 pcs)

- Ginger(small pcs)
- Chilli(1 pcs)
- Oil(2 spoon)
- Water( 1 ltr)

Recipe for lentil (daal)

- First put the oil in the hot pan.
- Then add the grinded garlic with chilli.
- Add soaked lentil and mixed with garlic.
- Put turmeric and then salt.
- Add water and cover it for 15 minutes.

Mo Mo

Ingredients for momo

- Wheat flour(200 gm)
- Water(as needed)
- Cabbage(small piece)
- Onion(one small)
- Potato(one small)
- Carrot(1 small)
- Radish(1 small)

Recipe for momo
- Make the dough of wheat flour and water half hour before.
- Chop the cabbage, onion, potato, carrot and radish.
- For the filling, mix all the chopped vegetable with required salt and fried turmeric and cumin seed with little oil.
- Divide the dough into small portions and roll into small thin discs.
- Cut the roll with the help of sharp edge glass.
- Place a spoonful of the vegetable filling in the centre of each disc and bring the sides together in the centre, pinching firmly together to form a dumplings.
- Boil the water and put the momos in the momo sheet correctly.
- Steamed it for ten to fifteen minutes.

Ingredients for momo pickle
- Sesame(50 gm)
- Tomato(2 pcs)
- Fresh Coriander
- Garlic(2 pcs)
- Chilli(1 small)
- Salt(half spoon)

Recipe for momo pickle
- Roast the sesame and boil the tomato.
- Grind the garlic, chilli, salt, roasted sesame, fresh coriander, boiled tomato finely and make a paste with the help of water.

Rice Pudding (Kheer)

Ingredients for rice pudding

- Rice(500 gm)
- Milk(2 liter)
- Sugar(8 spoon)
- Grinded spices
- Coconut( small half)

Recipe for rice pudding
- First boil the milk.
- Then add the soaked rice without water.
- Add the spices (roasted fenugreek, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper)
- Add the coconuts and some dry nuts.
- When it is nearly cooked add required sugar in it.

Ingredients for curry
- Cauliflower( 1 small)
- Potato(4 small pcs)
- Onion(1 small)
- Tomato(2 small)
- Spices(cumin and coriander seed (1 spoon), chilli(1 small), garlic(4 small pcs), ginger(small cut pcs)
- Oil( 2 spoonful)

Recipe for Cauliflower and potato curry
- First put the oil in the hot pan.
- Add onion
- When it turns red put the potato and cauliflower.
- Sprinkle it for some time then add turmeric and salt.
- Put the grinded spices with some water in it.
- Spread the spices to every part of the curry and cover it for some minute.
- When it is nearly cooked add tomato and it is ready.


Spinach Curry

Ingredients for spinach curry
- Spinach
- Salt
- Garlic
- Oil

Recipe for spinach curry
- First put the oil in hot pan.
- Add the grinded garlic.
- Put the spinach in it.
- Add salt and mix all over spinach.
- Cover it for 5 minutes and its cooked.


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