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Learn to cook tasty Nepali snacks in typical Nepali home in Thamel and learn some useful Nepali language too.

Nepali   English
Namaskar   Good Morning
Aba   Now
Hami   We
Suru   Start
Swagatam   Welcome
Kripaya   Please
Basnus   Take your sit
Piunus   Take your Drink
Khanus   Take your food
khana   Food
Bhojan   Meal
Chiya   Tea
Tato   Hot
Chiso   Cold
Kagati   Lemon
Kalo   Black
Dudh   Milk
Chini   Sugar
Nun   salt
Masala   spices
Achar   Pickle
Tarkari   Curry
Daal   Lentil
Bhat   Cooked Rice
Umaleko   Boiled
Sel Roti   Ring Bread
Masu   Meat
Khursani   Chilly
Swadilo   Tasty
Dherai Ramro Chha   It is very good
Thik Chha   Ok
Haos   Yes
Hoina   No
Sakiyo   The End
Pheri Bhetaula   see You Again
Tapaiko Din Sukhad Rahos   Have A Nice Day
Count Numbers
Ek   One
Dui   Two
Tin   Three
Char   Four
Panch   Five
Chha   Six
Sat   Seven
Ath   Eight
Nau   Nine
Das   Ten
Bis   Twenty
Pachas   Fifty
Sae   Hundred
Panch Sae   Five Hundred
Hazar   Thousand


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